Billingshurst Primary School

Learning, growing and achieving excellence together.

Aims & Values of our School

At Billingshurst Primary we all respect each other and take responsibility for the care, happiness and safety of ourselves and of others. We all love learning and we are ambitious to achieve excellence, knowing that we are all different but all equally important. We like the fact that we are all different. We do our best to make sure everyone is feeling happy and take action when someone is not. We are all special and unique, and deserve to give and receive the very best from our school.

Our Values:

These are the foundations of our school.  We aim to live and breathe them in all that we do.  we learn about them in three blocks over the three terms:

Kindness - equality, care, respect

Love of Learning - excellence, ambition, curiosity, pride in ourselves and our school

Happiness - trust, safety, responsibility, positivity

Our Learning:

We all work together to develop skills as learners to:

Be curious - question, research, explore, evaluate, make decisions

Be creative - imagine, take risks, invent, experiment, adapt

Be resilient - persevere, self assess and improve, manage feelings, set goals, solve problems

Be a team player - communicate and listen, share, support each other, reach agreements, learn from each other