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Year 4

Welcome to life in Year 4 at Billingshurst Primary School.  We have three classes led by teachers Mrs Mujik (Year Leader), Mrs Gregory and Mrs Hatrick.  Our classes are supported by our Teaching Assistant Mrs Harvey Gay. 

During the first half of Autumn Term we will be studying Roman Britain through a cross curricular approach including maths problems, artwork, computing, history and a number of writing opportunities.  In the second half of term our topic will be ‘Impossible Inventions’ where the focus will be on Science and Technology.  The children will investigate electricity and sound and will design and make their own inventions. 

In Spring we will use the book ‘The Land of Neverbelieve’ to inspire the children’s learning.  We will write stories about our journey through this strange land and describe the strange creatures that live there. Our science focus will be on food chains and classification of living things as well as learning about the human digestive system and teeth. 

Summer term’s Topic is Rainforest Explorers  and the emphasis will be on the geography of South America and the climate zones in which rainforests exist.  We will write adventure stories and a survival guide.  Through our science learning, children will explore states of matter and will write the story of the water cycle. 

The children will have opportunities to consolidate and extend their learning through independent tasks and exploration during our ‘Flexible Fridays’.

The children’s learning experiences will be enriched through visits, visitors and curriculum focus days.  In our Roman Day during Autumn Term, children will have a hands-on encounter with Roman artefacts and learn about Roman Britain from our visitor from the Novium Museum.  They will also experience life as a Roman through role-play.  In Spring term we have a visit from the amazing creatures from Zoolab.  In Summer term we visit Kew Gardens to experience the amazing plants from the rainforest. 

One of the main highlights of Year 4 is our two-day residential trip to Lodge Hill near Pulborough in November; where the children learn many outdoor skills as well as developing their personal, social and emotional maturity.

All three classes have swimming lessons which last for two terms over the course of the Year.  Other PE activities include gymnastics, dance, and invasion games. 

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