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Year 4

Welcome to life in Year 4 at Billingshurst Primary School. We have three classes led by teachers Mrs Mujik, Mrs Gregory and Mrs Hatrick. Mrs Sherliker is our PPA Teacher. Our classes are supported by teaching assistant Mrs Spurling.

The land of Neverbelieve (Spring Term) we will be using the book The Land of Neverbelieve to drive the children's learning.  The main focus for the term is Science, where we will be looking at food chains and classification as well as humans and teeth.  We will be writing stories about journeys through the strange land and describing some of the creatures that live there.  The RS focus is looking at how people celebrate Easter.

During the Autumn Term we will be studying 'We are Time Travellers'. This will be a cross-curricular project and will include: maths problems, science investigating, artwork, design and food technology, dancing, computing, history and many writing opportunities. The children will be leading their learning and literacy and numeracy lessons will be focused on giving them the skills they need to achieve their aspirations.

During the year, the children will also be studying a range of historical and topical subjects to complement and build on their previous learning. This year's exciting topics are:

We have a number of trips during the year including a two day residential at Lodge Hill, near Pulborough in November where the children learn many outdoor skills and teamwork. During the year we also have an amazing experience where a classroom will be transformed into a rainforest and the children will learn about the rainforest plants and animals. We are looking forward to our visit to Bignor Roman Villa, where we will be dressing up and taking part in workshops, as well as having a detailed guided tour of the complex.

All three classes have swimming lessons, which last for two terms over the course of the year. Other PE activities include gymnastics, dance, football, tag rugby, tennis, cricket and athletics.

Children have a choice of topic linked homework to do, which is due in fortnightly. We also ask children to be reading regularly at home and practise all their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12, as these form the basis for a lot of the work completed in maths.

Welcome to Year 4 - Handout / Presentation

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