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Year 6

A huge welcome to an exciting year at Billingshurst Primary: Year Six! The teaching staff in Year 6 are Mrs Wilson in Japan class (Year Leader), Mr Gittins in China class and Mr Griffiths in Russia class. We are supported by our wonderful teaching assistant, Mrs Bradley and supporting us and the children is our intervention teacher Mrs Clyne.

Year Six is a very important year in Key Stage 2 as it is a time of transition between Primary and Secondary education. We intend to make the children’s final year in Primary school a successful and memorable one, for all the right reasons, as well as ensuring that they are prepared for the move to their next school.  We have very good links with The Weald and have activities planned throughout the year that will help the children to become more familiar with the teaching staff and expectations of the school.

During the Autumn Term, 'War and Peace' is the topic driving the curriculum. This humanities based unit based on WW2 will form the basis of our learning and we encourage the children to influence what we learn by posing their own questions at the beginning of the term.

Perhaps the most exciting part of our year is our week long trip to Blackland Farm, near East Grinstead, in June. We camp for the week in a safe and beautiful part of Sussex, taking part in outward bound activities such as: canoeing, abseiling, rock-scrambling and zip-wire, as well as a number of team building activities and camp fires. It will be a wonderful week, which really builds the children’s confidence and gives them a chance to develop further social-skills away from home. We are also very much looking forward to putting on a Year Six production at the end of the Summer term.

The Year Six team are very excited for the year ahead and look forward to working with you and the children to make the year a memorable one.

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